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March, 2011

  1. Adult Dating Games for Guys

    March 29, 2011 by admin

    There are a lot of adult dating games that guys will play. You will need to make sure that you understand the important ones so that you can figure out what it is that you will need to do in order to follow the rules. Many people will end up not knowing the rules of a game and will only end up falling flat on their face.

    Call Back

    When it comes to the call back you will usually find that all guys have different ideas of when to do it. You don’t want to call a girl back too quickly as it will give her too much power. You want her to know that you’re interested but not too interested. This is where things can get tricky. You don’t want to wait so long where she is no longer interested but you don’t want to call back so quickly where it seems like you have nothing else going on (even if you don’t).


    Guys know that she expects him to pay. While this is cliché and old fashioned it is the truth. A guy will always make sure that he fights the girl to pay so that they can both feel better about their roles in the relationship.

    Having Sex

    A guy is basically doing all he can to have sex. He doesn’t want to push too hard so that she feels rushed but he doesn’t want to slip into the friend zone. It is always a struggle with letting her know he’s interested without pushing, if you have met each other on an adult dating or swingers then sex will most likely be on the menu, however you should never take this for granted.